Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Learner's Learning Predicament

Every new week, I look forward to reading from my favorite news sources.

These include the magazines, newspapers and of course, the erudite columnists. (Well that gives me an idea to do an exclusive post on my reading list.) The newspapers and magazines do a fine job of introducing new ideas and complementing current information. The columnists take this one step further. Some columnists through their powerful articulation and clear line of thought, help unclutter ambiguous subjects. It is indispensable to give them a read.

But, nothing compares to the sheer joy of reading about something you usually don't think about, though it always lingers in the sub-conscious. And what if that prose comes from someone who you always look upto. Someone who you have met and admired. And that someone would only write seldom. He is Dr Kiran Seth.

And here he is writing about his learning predicament as a student. I am thankful that he shared Ustad Zazir Aminuddin Dagar's quote.

"Ek sade, sab saade, sab sade sab jaaye;
        Tumhe 'Re' pe jaane ki ijaazat tab hai jab tumhe 'Sa' ka darshan ho jaaye ".

Here is the entire write up. Enjoy !

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