Saturday, July 5, 2014

Basement Car Parking is now OPEN at HUDA City Centre Metro Station Gurgaon

It was a Saturday morning. An errand followed by a lunch meeting with a batchmate in Hauz Khas, South Delhi was the agenda.

It was a routine commute. But there was a small twist. A small surprise. And the Black Santro was all too happy about it.

Basement parking is now OPEN at the Huda City Centre Metro Station.

If you have never parked your car out in the hot Gurgaon Sun, you may be unable to appreciate the joy that this new development brings to fellow commuters.

If you have not taken advantage of the car basement parking, here are some photos to guide you.

Basement Parking is now OPEN at Huda City Centre Metro Station

Way to the Basement

Just follow the Yellow Line on the appended Google Map, to make your way to the basement.

Aerial Map of the Huda City Centre Metro Station

The Basement Car Parking at HUDA City Centre

Information You Can Use - Commuter Notes

  • Ask for HELP at the Entry Gate - If you are confused about the exact location of the basement parking, it is best to ask the parking fellow at the Entry Gate.
  • Parking Assistance in the Basement - There are enough guards to guide you to the proper parking slot in the basement.
  • Exit - This is through a separate ramp, other than the "Entry". Once out, the guiding path will lead you to the original exit gate out of the parking area. While exiting, the guiding path is narrow, thanks to oddly parked vehicles and the recklessly parked motorcycles of Dominos delivery boys. But, it is not a matter to be too concerned. You will be able to take your car out, albeit cautiously.
  • Parking Fees - It remains the same. Rs 20 for the first six hours. No pocket burn, thankfully.
Kindly feel free to add / suggest newer inputs on this subject, if any. 


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