Sunday, May 8, 2016

Ding Dong door bell - Price?

The simple ordinary one which will give you the eponymous sound 'Ding Dong' will cost about ₹ 100.

The MRP usually will be in the region of ₹ 115 to ₹ 125.

Both the local and the branded ones would be the same.

In a recent purchase, I first picked Anchor and it went dud in 2 days flat. I got another one, of a GM make.

GM Make costs ₹ 100 bucks

It has just been a day. 'Ding Dong' looks fine.

Led Bulbs - Buy online or offline?

Shouldn't the natural answer be online?

But, you could still get a better deal, offline.

That is, if you do not pick the LED Bulb from a superstore or a supermarket.

The traditional Sonu Electricals will readily give you a good deal, even if you are not the haggling types, like me.

LED Bulbs from General Electrical shops in Gurgaon

I will cite two cases where I bought Philips LED bulbs.
  1. Vyapar Kendra - If you haven't please read my detailed experience here. The shop in question was one at Vyapar Kendra in Gurgaon
  2. Sohna Road - The second one was at a local electricals shop on the Subhash Chowk, Sohna Road.
Pricing Details on the 2nd Purchase
  • MRP - ₹ 785 and ₹ 915, totalling ₹ 1700
  • Quoted Price - ₹ 1100 for both
Online may not be able to do better than the above. But, there are other factors as well.

If you bought online with a better pricing, please share.