Tuesday, July 8, 2014

BigRock falls on the Head and Disrupts Web Hosting

I have bought domains from Google, GoDaddy and BigRock. And the most have been from BigRock - one, two, three, four and now, five.

Business with Big Rock

The first year domains have usually come at reasonable cost. And if I renewed, then cost wasn't an issue, relative to the business.

Hosting Services - Outage

All the goodwill changes when it comes to hosting services. Not only are they expensive (compared to competition) but on a couple of occasions, the hosted site has been down. Just about a week ago, Inbound Mantra was down for around 48 hours. I am still unable to blink off the eye sore in the Google Analytics traffic report.

Sadly, BigRock has been nonchalant.

Till date, I have not received any explanation for the outage, leave aside an apology. It seems their customer service works best only at the time of buying and setting up hosting services (I must say they are good at it).

Would you like to recommend any hosting services?

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