Sunday, December 6, 2015

Solving the mileage problem in 2005 Santro with a fuel filter change

The Hyundai Santro (2005) had just completed 100,000 kms.

Somehow, the last few tank fulls were falling short on fuel mileage.

On 5 different situations, I observed that the mileage had dropped from a neat 14 kms / litre to around 10 kms / litre.

I did some quick reads on team-bhp and decided to take a shot at one particular reason that I sensed could be an issue - the fuel filter.

On every service, the neighbourhood friendly mechanic would avoid changing the fuel filter. I did not understand why, until this experience.

On a warm Sunday in October, I quickly checked into couple of mechanics on the Sohna Road in Gurgaon. None of them had the fuel filter.

After the third 'stock nahi hai', I straight away headed to an HASS (Hyundai authorised service station).

There is one in Badshahpur.

And it wasn't crowded. I bring the Santro into the ramp on the entrance and casually ask the service manager, "Fuel filter change karna hain".

He says, "ho jayega".

Enthusiastically, I park the car.

Santro 2005 - Parked on the ramp

Why local mechanics don't change fuel filters?

The reason why your friendly neighbourhood car mechanic isn't keen to replace a Santro fuel filter is this - it takes effort. [See below]

Fuel Filter location - Near the left rear wheel

The fuel filter is located under the Santro floor near the left rear wheel, at a little distance from the fuel tank.

It is simpler to replace when hoisted up, as seen in the above photos.

Time to change the fuel filter

It took about 20 minutes. And here is the comparison of an old fuel filter and a new.

OLD Fuel Filter

In the words of the mechanic, he had not seen a fuel filter as spoilt as this one. But you know how the mechanics are. It still remained to be seen, if the fuel filter would solve the problem of low mileage.

NEW Fuel Filter

And this is how a new one looks like.

Hyundai Genuine Part - the humble fuel filter


  • Fuel Filter - ₹ 130
  • Labour - ₹ 200

What happened to the mileage?

It has been couple of months since the fuel filter change. The approximate mileage is as under:
  • City - 13 kms / litre
  • Highway - 17 kms / litre
The fuel filter change seems to have solved the problem, but it wasn't without its issues.

Look out for the next post.  

Update as on 8th May 2016

 I doubt if it is working out. The Santro has been clocking just about 10 - 11 kms / litre. Maybe it is the summer. Or maybe it is something else.

Time to go under the hood, again.

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