Sunday, December 13, 2015

First LED light bought - Wipro Garnet 14W LED Bulb

Have you been using LED bulbs?

I was always keen to, but never took the step.

Last month, couple of CFLs expired - a philips one that proved its lifetime and an Akshay Kumar Eveready twisted CFL that disappointed massively. (more about that in a different post)

On a Sunday hypermarket visit, I decided to pick up LED bulbs to replace the dud CFLs.

Given winter, I was looking for a warm light LED bulb.

I was clear that I was only buying Philips. But, there were no LED ones, only CFLs. Rummaging through the bulb stack, I could only see LED bulbs from Wipro and Eveready.

I dismissed Eveready (obviously) and picked up Wipro.

Wipro Garnet 14W LED Bulb

It wasn't exactly what I wanted, for two reasons.
  • Cool Day Light and not the warm light
  • Maximum lumens ~ 1450
Nevertheless, I decided to experiment. An expensive experiment, relatively.


The Wipro Garnet 14W LED Bulb at ₹ 790.0 was almost four times the corresponding CFL. But, if you are someone who likes a good deal, please check out online and you should be able to shave off ₹ 250 definitely.

Here are some photos from the unpacking of the Wipro Garnet 14W LED Bulb.


According to the information contained in the box, the 14W Garnet LED bulb should be equivalent to:
  • A 100W incandescent bulb, or
  • A 23W CFL
Rated at 1450 lumens, I think it did better.

The dining area, which earlier featured two 14W CFLs, now has just one 14W LED bulb.

It looks good for now.

Warranty and Replacement (Update 8th May 2016)

It has been 5 months since this LED bulb was installed.

All looks good.

I got curious to understand warranty and other terms.

Surprise, surprise. There is nothing on the box or anywhere.

I call the toll-free number 1800-425-1969 and there is no response. Well, today is Sunday. But, isn't this is a retail business?

Well, I have no option now but to put in an email to

Let us see how that works out.

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