Sunday, December 27, 2015

Philips Stellar bright 13W LED from Vyapar Kendra Gurgaon

After my first LED Lamp purchase, I was determined to find cost-effective ways to buying better LED lamps.

This post possibly seals my success with that.

Philips Stellar Bright 13W LED lamp B22
The brightness from the earlier Wipro Garnet 14W LED was amazing. This time, I decided to switch to Philips to see if a better brand could do any better. Or if all were the same.

A Sunday trip to Vyapar Kendra in Gurgaon seemed like the perfect opportunity to buy from a traditional electricals outlet.

The brightest LED from Philips stood at 13W only. I picked it up after the customary test.

  • MRP - ₹ 770.0
  • Quoted Price - ₹ 500.0
  • I am poor in bargaining
The ₹ 770.0 MRP was 20 bucks lesser than the Wipro Garnet (₹ 790.0). Seems there is no difference in pricing between a world leader and a desi entrenched player.

Here are some photos from the unpacking of the Wipro Garnet 14W LED Bulb.

Top flip cover is the Warranty Card. Sensible na?

See the date when 2 yr warranty begins
Looks like I am done with the LED experiments for the time being.

Between Wipro and Philips, let us see who plays a better game.

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