Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Finding the replacement battery for the ASUS X53S Laptop

When the OEM battery on the ASUS X53S Laptop showed extreme signs of death, it was time to call the ASUS guys.

Ready to Die !

Will I ever find a 5200mAh battery again?

I don't think that the ASUS name is incidental. On one end are their products that are no doubt cutting-edge, but on the other end of the spectrum is their apathetic customer orientation.

A quick call to their Gurgaon center and pat came the suggestion to go for an original replacement battery that would cost close to ₹ 6,000.0 . I was OK.

When I asked for the next steps, I was told:-
  • Asus will raise an invoice.
  • You please make a bank transfer.
  • The battery will be shipped.
I thought I was sorted.

It has been more than four months and I am yet to receive an invoice.

It is time, large companies like ASUS, also started reporting "lost sales" in their quarterly results. It should be good fun.

While picking up the Dell Inspiron N5010 replacement battery from Amazon, I decided to double the leap of faith and also pick up the A32-K53 replacement battery for the ASUS X53S Laptop.

If you are reading this on a mobile, Click Here to Buy on the Flipkart Mobile App.

Will it be a double whammy? Fingers crossed.

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