Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dell Inspiron N5010 Replacement Laptop Battery from

So, I had been looking to find a replacement battery for the Dell Inspiron N5010. As I type this post out, it gives me an exact back-up of 3 minutes and falling. Here is what it looks like. Almost brand new.

Almost impossible to find Battery of the Same Specification

Following from my earlier post on the Dell Inspiron N5010 Replacement Laptop Battery, it is clear that buying a replacement battery is at best a shot in the dark. A step towards the unknown. There are many reasons.
  • Dell covers you only for 90 days and it not exactly clear what they cover you for.
  • A whole host of online resellers with warranties extending from Zero to 12 months, just confuses you.
The Solution - Leap of Faith. And that is what I am about to take.

You too can. Join me on Amazon / Flipkart

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